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Specific Object

「スペシフィック・オブジェクト (Specific Object) 」ー アルド・バッカーの独創的な作品は、そう定義される。独立した物体。確かに周りの空間からそこだけ切り抜かれたように、それらの作品は見る者の視覚と意識に飛び込んでくる。ほとんどは彼が探し出した最高級の職人の手によるもので、その完璧な精度と仕上げ故に、物質としての現実感が希薄ですらある。まるでそれまでの時間とは切り離され、唐突にそこに存在しているかのように。





テキスト : 田中


会期:2023年5月6日(土)- 5月21日(日) 13:00-18:00 火・水定休
会場 : LICHT 東京都目黒区青葉台3-18-10 2F


"Specific Object" - Aldo Bakker's original work is defined as. Indeed, the works pop into the viewer's vision and consciousness as if they were cut out of the surrounding space. Most of them are made by the finest craftsmen he could find, and their perfect precision and finish make them seem less real. It looks like they are detached from the time and suddenly exist there.

It is not only the perfection of the finish that makes his objects independent. The unique forms themselves, constructed over a long period of time, are also detached from their surroundings and time. Each product may have a name, such as a pitcher or a stool, but its form does not correspond to any other product that has ever existed. With no specific source of inspiration, "each piece is like an individual universe" where the work is complete, and the next time Aldo's hand moves, a completely new and different universe is created. It is precisely because the object is detached from other contexts that it becomes possible to imbue it with new meaning and value.

Aldo's attitude of giving meaning to objects in this way is well expressed in all of his works with spouts, which he calls "Schenkers" (givers). At the table, a place of interaction, these products, which are filled by some one and fill the vessels of others, seem to symbolize the relationships that emerge in human society. Seeing the objects hiding their interior space in their seductively curved surfaces, one imagines how the liquid flows and stays. Imaginary liquids begin to pour into people. Human society is nothing more than the exchange of such worlds perceived by each person through words, as if water were being poured into each other from a small spout.

What is beauty? This question arises when one takes the time to look at his works. the boundary between the self and the world begins to waver when we encounter a new form created by Aldo Bakker, As if our soft bodies change shape along a hard rock formed by nature, When we touch it. The series of ripples created by this shaking spreads throughout the entire space.

Being "specific" does not simply mean disconnection. but rather a "now" that holds infinite possibilities. Aldo Bakker gives form to this "now". Sometimes by breaking down established ideas, and sometimes by simply turning his gaze on it.

Text : Tanaka


Dates : 6th May - 21st May 2023 13:00-18:00, Closed : Tue & Wed
Place : LICHT 3-18-10 Aobadai, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 2F

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